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Publication Fee




As JCRP is an open access journal and we should cover all raising costs by article processing charges. However we never postpone publishing articles due to monetary issues.

Publishing in JCRP requires article processing charges that will be billed to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article for publication.

When a rapid review process, decision and publication is required, JCRP publisher (Saman Publishing Co. ) offers a special model in which selected peer reviewers may be asked to deliver their review reports in an emergency fashion. We should pay them for their forceful task.

If you are applying and did pay for the fast-track service (see below rates), you will have a rapid editorial decision and peer-review comments within 29 working days after acknowledging receipt and payment of the fee. Please be advised that we can ONLY publish WELL-WRITTEN manuscripts as fast-tracks. This is possible also when all amendments suggested get applied within SEVEN working days.

After receiving the payment proof, we immediately start a speedy service for processing.

 This special service package also guarantees speedy publication of paid manuscripts in next possible coming issue.

Otherwise, the received manuscripts will be handled according to regular editorial process.

We can waive some fees of publishing JCRP by application only.

To use this service please apply via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paper/ work


Editing service

Fast-track service

Fast-track with full editing package

Case Series (CS)

USD 208*

USD 104-208

USD 312

USD 416

Case Report (CR)

USD 208*

USD 100-150

USD 312

USD 416

Opinion and Idea (OI)

USD 104

USD 50-150

USD 208

USD 350

Brief Report (BR)

USD 104

 USD 50-100

USD 208

USD 350

Clinical Image (CI)

USD 52

 USD 52

USD 104

USD 150

Original article (OA)

USD 312

 USD 50-250

USD 520

USD 624

*Regular service for publishing "case reports" and "case series" are subject to change based on instant situation and in some instances could be waived partially or completely. NOTICE! ABOVE RATES INCLUDE 4% SURCHARGE OF TRANSACTION FEES.


Waiver Policy

Authors from countries classified as low income can request a full waiver for a single publication, one per submitting author, per year. In addition, any co-author who was an undergraduate at the time of the research may also request a waiver (provided the paper has senior co-author(s) who have a paid membership plan, and provided the article passes peer review as normal). Neither circumstance is a waiver for a full membership plan. Authors should indicate their desire for a waiver in the "Confidential Notes to Staff" field upon submission, and Academic Editors and reviewers are not made aware of the waiver request.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All paid fees are non-refundable.

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