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Acinic cell carcinoma with lymphoid stroma mistaken for a metastatic intraparotid lymph node at frozen section analysis

Soumaya BEN ABDELKRIM,1 Wassim KERMANI, 2 Nadia BEIZIG,1 SONIA ZIADI, 1 Malek BELKADHI, 2 Badreddine SRIHA1 and Moncef MOKNI1



Acinic cell carcinoma is a rare salivary gland tumor. The variant with lymphoid stroma is even rarer and has distinct histological features. We describe the case of a forty three year-old woman who presented with a left retroauricular mass of 5 years duration; magnetic resonance imaging revealed a well-circumscribed mass of 1.5 cm suggestive of pleomorphic adenoma.

The patient underwent inferior polar parotidectomy. Frozen section analysis was performed and the interpretation of the sample suggested a metastatic intraparotid lymph node. The definitive final diagnosis of acinic cell carcinoma with lymphoid stroma was made on the basis of histological and histochemical findings, after a review of the literature.


Key words: acinic cell carcinoma, parotid, salivary gland, lymphoid stroma, differential diagnosis


1Department of Pathology, Farhat Hached hospital, Sousse, Tunisia
2Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Farhat Hached hospital, Sousse, Tunisia