Elastofibroma dorsi; an uncommon and underdiagnosed tumour

Manuscript type : Case Report | Article Date : 2015/07/26

  • Autors

    1. Limaiem Faten
    2. Sahraoui Ghada
    3. Bouraoui Saadia
    4. Lahmar Ahlem
    5. Mzabi Sabeh
  • Abstract

    Elastofibroma dorsi is an infrequent benign, slow growing, soft tissue tumour that is usually located in the scapular zone. A 60-year-old male patient with no particular past medical history, presented with pain in the right scapular region of 8 months duration, which was exacerbated by physical activity. On examination, a hard and painless mass in the right subscapular region measuring approximately 7 cm in diameter was found. Computed tomography scan showed an unencapsulated mass with density similar to muscle, mixed with adipose tissue bands in the right infrascapular region. The patient underwent total excision of the tumour. Histologically, the tumour was poorly circumscribed and was composed of hypocellular fibrous collagenous strands admixed with a large number of coarse, densely eosinophilic elastic fibers and entrapped mature fat cells. The elastic structures sometimes formed discs or globules. These findings were consistent with elastofibroma. Postoperative course was uneventful, but the patient was lost to follow-up.
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