EDITORIAL Conducting research in developing countries: a challenging issue
Mohammad Bagher Owlia, Masoud Mirzaei
Abstract | PDF File
CASE REPORT Profound hypophosphatemia in a multiple myeloma patient receiving zoledronic acid, cyclophosphamide and furosemide
David CM Chan, John M. Hill, Lionel D. Lewis, Hong-Kee Lee
Abstract | PDF File
CASE REPORT Cervical carcinoma metastasizing to fat forming solitary fibrous tumor-a case report with review of literature
Anila KR, Chandramohan K, Jayaprakash PG, Jiji V, Anitha Mathews, Jayasree K
Abstract | PDF File
CASE REPORT Report of two sibs with cleft lip/palate, one in combination with syndactyly and ectodermal dysplasia
Haleh Zokaee, Mohammad Hasan Sheikhha, Seyed Mehdi Kalantar
Abstract | PDF File
BRIEF REPORT Lymphoma relapse; so obvious?
Vijaya Raj Bhatt, Rajesh Shrestha, Joel D Armitage, James O Armitage
Abstract | PDF File
BRIEF REPORT Cardiac tamponade; a rare presentation of mediastinal lymphoma
Osama Saber Eldib, Mohammed Shakwer, Khalid Habeeb
Abstract | PDF File
BRIEF REPORT What lies beneath; umbilical granuloma or vitello-intestional duct?
Nikhil Ganjoo, Nilesh Agrawal, Mona Aslam
Abstract | PDF File
CLINICAL IMAGE Unusual Presentation of Primary B-Cell Lymphoma
Salahaddin Ubaid, Iman Ali
Abstract | PDF File



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